Clinton County, Michigan


1015 Baese Court, P.O. Box 136, Ovid, MI 48866

Phone: (989)834-2838  Fax: (989)834-2710



 Ovid Township has two (2) active cemeteries. 

The Maple Grove Cemetery Authority is located on Elm Street within the Village of Ovid.  This Authority is made up of representatives from the Village of Ovid, Ovid Township, and Middlebury Township.  Approximately half of the cemetery lies within Middlebury Township.  For further information, contact Sexton Charles Moore at (989) 834-2832.  Click here


South Ovid Cemetery is a small, privately owned cemetery located within Ovid Township on Parks Road, east of Watson Road and west of St. Clair Road.  The Township currently owns two (2) plots in this cemetery for possible use with indigent burials.  The Township provides a yearly donation to assist with maintaining the grounds.  For further information about burial plots available and pricing, contact Gloria Herrington at (989) 834-0088.




The Ovid Public Library serves as the library for Ovid Township residents.  The library access fees are included in the Township resident’s tax bill which entitles the residents to use all the same library services as is available to a resident of the Village of Ovid.  The library is located at 206 N. Main Street, Ovid, phone (989) 834-5800).  Check out their Facebook page for more events and happenings.  Click here.




Burn permits are intended to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the persons and property within Ovid Township by regulating the burning of leaves, trash and any other combustible materials within the township.  No construction or demolition materials are allowed to be burned.  A person must be in attendance for ALL fires, yard waste or brush.


Burn Permits can be obtained by Township residents only from the Village of Ovid office at (989) 834-5550.  The maximum number of days a permit can be issued is 4 days at a time.  Should you need an extension, you must contact  the Village.



 The Township has the ability to copy or fax information for its residents upon request.  There is a nominal charge of $2.00 for the first page faxed, plus 25¢ for each additional page.  Copying of paper documents is 30¢ per page.  The information must be copied or faxed by a township official.  You will be given a written receipt if requested.




The Township Board has established a fee schedule for the searching, examining, reviewing, copying and mailing of public records that have been requested under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, PA 442 of 1976 as amended.


• Manual of computerized search:  Actual hourly (or salary converted to hourly) rate for employee involved, minimum    charge of one hour:  Supervisor $25.00; Clerk & Treasurer - $30.00; Deputy Officials - $9.00 


• Duplication of records, paper copy:  30¢ per page.


• Duplication of records, electronic media:  actual direct cost, including staff time.


• A deposit is required if the estimated cost of responding will exceed $50.00:  half the estimated cost for searching, reviewing, and duplicating; the deposit must be received PRIOR to work commencing. 


• Mileage rates are $.555¢ per mile traveled by motor vehicle, or as approved annually by the IRS.