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Hall Rental

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Reservation Require Form


1. Must be rented by a township resident/business owner/non-profit organization representative and they must be present at all times during the event.

2. All activities must comply with local/state ordinances.

3. Meeting room capacity is 92; total building capacity is 113 according to fire regulations.

4. A deposit of $150.00 is due up front and to hold the date.  (Deposit will be returned after the event and the building has been inspected [2-3 business days]).  First come, first reserved.

5. All rentals must be paid in advance at the township office, at least two (2) business days prior to the event.

6. No smoking, no alcoholic beverages, no dark-colored (red, blue, green, etc.) beverages!!!  Alcohol is prohibited by law in public buildings, and smoke odors and dye stains are very hard to remove.

7. No decorations on walls or ceiling; no rice, confetti, glitter, or bird seed.  Sticky tapes and scattered décor are very hard to clean from both hard surfaces and carpets.  Helium balloons are acceptable.

8. Outdoor canopies are allowed.  Please replace the dirt and grass if holes are made for stakes, and also if holes are made to accommodate any other equipment.

9. Please keep exterior doors closed during event due to heat or air conditioning.

10. Please bring your own kitchen towels and soap for clean-up, also bring your own supplies (coffee, cups, plates, utensils, salt/pepper, etc.)


(Water is safe to drink straight from faucets/drinking fountains, but has a strong sulphur smell and taste. There is a small filter pitcher in refrigerator, but for large amounts of drinking water, you may find it more convenient to bring your own water.)


Tables and chairs are included – please wipe down and put away when finished.


Renter will assume full responsibilities of all those attending his or her rentals, including a liability insurance rider.  Any damage to the building or contents must be paid by renter.





1. Wipe down and put away all folding tables.


2. Wipe down counters, sink, microwave, coffee pot, etc.


3. Bag-up all garbage (kitchen and restrooms) and take with you.


4. Sweep floors, and mop when necessary.


5. Clean up restrooms.


6. Turn off lights, lock ALL outer doors, and place key in drop box.  Ceiling light at intersection of hallways is a security light; it will remain on when other hallway lights are turned off.





$150.00 per event plus a $150.00 deposit 


You must submit two separate checks, both payable to “Ovid Township”:


1. deposit of $150.00 (will be returned per premises left in acceptable condition)

2. rental payment




• Meeting room is approximately 44’ x 29’

• There are 48 stacking chairs; you may bring in additional tables and chairs of your own

• There are 8 folding tables, each approximately 6’ x 22”

• Conference table has 4 sections, each approximately 5’ x 30”, which may be reconfigured.


 If you would like to schedule a date to reserve the hall, please fill out the request at the top of the page and we will contact you to let you know if the date is available.  You may also print out the rental agreement packet by clicking on the  icon below.  Adobe Reader is required.


Hall Rental Agreement