Clinton County, Michigan


1015 Baese Court, P.O. Box 136, Ovid, MI 48866

Phone: (989)834-2838  Fax: (989)834-2710

General Township Information

Land Area:               35.8 square miles

Water Area:              0.1 square miles (small portion of Sleepy Hollow State Park)
Agricultural Land:     TBD Acres  
Residential:              TBD Acres  
Commercial:             TBD Acres  

Industrial:                 TBD Acres  

Utility:                       TBD Acres  




Ovid Township has had independent fire service dating back to 1875 (then called “Washington Company” and later re-named the Ovid Area Fire Board).  The Ovid-Middlebury Fire Board was established April 18, 1977.  Ovid Area Ambulance Service was established in the Township on August 1, 1970.


The township currently receives fire and ambulance service from the Ovid-Middlebury Emergency Services Authority.  This Authority was established in January 2003 upon merger of the Ovid Area Ambulance Service and the Ovid & Middlebury Fire Board.  The Authority consists of three representatives each from Ovid and Middlebury Townships.  The supervisor from each Township must serve in addition to a second elected township official, and also includes one appointed at-large member from each township.  A representative from the Village of Ovid also serves on the board. At the time the authority was created, the emergency services vehicles would be housed in the Village municipal building so therefore it was felt the Village should be represented as well.  The Village member votes as a representative of the Village, not as a representative of the Township.



You may view the Authority’s yearly audits by clicking here.




Ovid Township does not operate its own police department.  We are supported the Clinton County Sheriff as well as the Michigan State Police.  The Village of Ovid has its own paid police protection.




Ovid Township is audited yearly to certify that the Township has complied with all federal and state laws and regulations.  The Township’s audits can be viewed by clicking here.


If you are experiencing some problems and would like to file a complaint to have the board review, please download the form below, fill it out and return it to the Township Office.

Complaint Form



Due to the downward turn of the economy, there have been numerous foreclosures over the past few years.  The Assessor provides an updated listing to the Township each month.  Below are lists containing those foreclosures from 2009 through 2012.  Adobe Reader is required.  You will note that many of these foreclosures have been re-sold.  Those with no sale price listed are available for purchase.  Should you have any questions, contact ovidassessor@gmail.com for further information.

2009 - 2010
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